Will is a gifted healer, intuitive, and empath who helps clients unlock their innate potential and uncover their own true path, their own true understanding. To work with Will and his guides in Spirit “is to be bathed in the ever-glowing presence of Christ consciousness,” according to The Collective, a group of Spiritual Beings that include Archangels, Ascended Masters, ETs, Source/Creator, and other energetic Beings. 

Will and his wife, Allison, offer a variety of intuitive healing and counseling services through their holistic healing practice, Palm & Lotus. Being Usui Reiki Master/Teachers, they offer dual-practitioner Intuitive Reiki sessions, as well as Reiki Level I, II, and III classes that are team-taught throughout the year. Will, a clear channel, offers private channeling sessions, during which the client may ask questions and receive responses directly from The Collective. He also offers psychic-medium sessions. 

Although William & Allison offer their services to all, they have a special place in their hearts for their veteran-clients, who often struggle with PTSD, anxiety, TBI, and other related issues. You see, William & Allison are veterans themselves. After becoming Reiki practitioners, they quickly realized that their mission was to bring this gentle, powerful modality to their fellow veterans. They had longed for a way to give back – to help heal the hurt energy of the men and women who had risked their own health and well-being in service to our country. It was this passion that led them to establish their non-profit, Reiki for Vets (RFV), in 2016. What started as a grassroots organization in Charleston, SC has grown significantly over the past two years. Currently, over 15 RFV volunteers serve veterans at eight locations in three states! Along with providing free Reiki clinics to VA-enrolled veterans, spouses, and caregivers, RFV offers scholarship-based Reiki Level 1 training to all veterans and their spouses. If you know of a veteran who would benefit from these free services, please share the RFV website: www.reikiforvets.org.

Will and his guides would be delighted to work with you! Contact him at will@william-brown.com