Understanding The Concept of Meditation

BQH practitioner Dr. Allison Brown is located just outside of Charleston, SC. In this article she shares a channeled message about the importance of quieting the mind. 

Meditation. We’ve heard that word so often that we must know what it means, right? Well, maybe. Most of us probably have this vision of ourselves sitting cross-legged on a cushion, perhaps with our hands resting face-up on our knees, eyes closed, and waiting….in silence….

If you are anything like me, the minute I try to sit in silence, the NOISE begins! Thoughts come marching through my mind like little sugar ants, distracting me…preventing anything that remotely resembles insight or Divine guidance from getting in. It is often an exercise in frustration, with the potential to leave me worse off than when I started.

What I’ve learned over the years is that listening – quieting the mind – is not the same thing as sitting in silence. In fact, quieting the mind can be accomplished in ways that don’t require stillness of the body. Activities like cooking, gardening, painting, or walking can actually be meditative in nature. That is, they enable our left-brain to disengage, allowing the intuition and guidance to flow in.

Interestingly, The Collective (a group of highly evolved beings and archangels that my husband Will Brown channels) recently spoke about the difference between trying to silence the mind versus quieting the mind. In the two years that we’ve been communicating with The Collective, I had never heard them describe it in this way, and I found their description to be clear and helpful. With that in mind, I’d like to share their wisdom with you:

“You need to spend time in quiet. Not silence….but quiet. There is a distinct difference between sitting in silence and sitting in quiet. Sitting in silence allows the mind to activate. Sitting in quiet is where you’ve quieted your mind enough to allow the conversations that your Higher Self, your energetic Being, and all Beings around you become evident. This is where the “decisions” are made. In silence, decisions are not made – it is the mind making a choice. But in quiet, it is the spoken word of the vibration that is brought forward to you from all Beings that will assist you.

“This is a difficult concept to understand, but what you must understand…this is where communication does take place. One can sit in silence all day long and not understand what their path is. But, if they sit in quiet, quiet resides halfway between here (pointing at heart) and here (pointing at head). It’s in a space that doesn’t really exist but yet it exists with all Beings, all time and no time. It exists where all Beings are and they’re not. It allows you to open your communication to them, and they begin to “speak,” in their own way.

“Allow the concepts to be understood. They are difficult to put into action, but once you understand where the vibrations come from, once you understand where the voices and the information and the decisions are truly made, it is an easy space to enter. Just understand that it takes time for this to take place. Find yourself in this space. Reside in this space. Setting time for quiet is where you will find all of the answers to guide you forward. Understand that.”

Dr. Allison Brown is an author, Reiki Master Teacher, and Quantum Healer. Learn more about Allison on her website:  https://https://drallisonbrown.com//


Written by : drallisonbrown

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