Love With Conviction (or, what can we learn from terrorists?)

Best-selling author Marianne Williamson came to Charleston recently as part of her Love America tour, and I had the opportunity to attend her Friday night talk. What a firecracker! She is an amazing woman, chock full of spunk! Although there were lots of great nuggets peppered throughout her presentation, one thing really hit home.

Love With Conviction (or, what can we learn from terrorists?)2019-07-24T08:23:09-04:00

Snow Day Statistics (or, snowpocalypse in the south!)

I had big plans for today. Ok, maybe not big, as in flying-to-Hawaii big or meeting-Bill-Murray big (Bill Murray is the shit!) but bigger than sitting-home-watching-my-deck-turn-from-brown-to-white big. You see, here in Charleston (South Carolina), the mere mention of snow, ice, freezing rain, wintery mix, or any synonym thereof, results in a complete shutdown of

Snow Day Statistics (or, snowpocalypse in the south!)2019-07-24T09:04:48-04:00

Diversity (or, do you want fries with that?)

DIVERSITY - Why are we so afraid of this word? Why does this one little word cause so much anger and opposition? Why are we uncomfortable even discussing diversity? It will probably come as no surprise….human beings find comfort in sameness. We thrive on commonalities. In fact, where romantic relationships are concerned, studies have

Diversity (or, do you want fries with that?)2019-07-24T09:27:33-04:00

Ghosting (or, drop it like it’s hot!)

Benjamin Corey is a theological scholar and author, read by millions each year, who unabashedly speaks out about the types of topics I’ve been wrestling with for years, as a (no longer) conservative Christian. Corey’s beliefs fall, in his words, primarily within the tenets of the Anabaptist network. One of their core beliefs is

Ghosting (or, drop it like it’s hot!)2019-07-24T09:48:05-04:00

Making Sense of the Universe (or, musings of a lunatic)

My son is a big fan of Neil Degrasse Tyson, American astrophysicist, author, and science communicator. For a school project, Evan created some laminated bookmarks, on which were written various quotes from famous scientists, like Tyson.  Of course, being an avid reader, I absconded with the bookmarks as soon as he brought them back

Making Sense of the Universe (or, musings of a lunatic)2019-07-24T10:22:15-04:00

Judgement (or, payback is hell)

Last Tuesday, after finishing up the radio show with Debra Moffitt, I sat there for a moment, thinking about the monumental shift that had just taken place, the heavy weight of it sinking in.  Adrenaline and nervous energy had been building up for the past 36 hours, as I mentally prepared for the show

Judgement (or, payback is hell)2019-07-24T10:37:38-04:00
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