Yesterday, my husband Bill and I “came out of the closet.” We conducted our very first channeling session in a public venue. Was I scared? Nope…not in the slightest. You see, things have changed so dramatically in our lives over the past few years – even more significantly over the past 8 months – that I am no longer afraid to speak my Truth and to live according to that Truth. How did that come to pass? Keep reading….

Since February of this year, Bill has been channeling a Collective of Beings – archangels, ancestors, Extra-terrestrials, and other loving Beings that operate from Christ consciousness. We even receive messages directly from Source. Trust me when I tell you that this has been, at times, overwhelming, surprising, humbling, exciting, and awe-inspiring.

Have we often asked, “Why Bill?” “Why us?”


And the answer we received was, “William is our portal to the information that we want to provide.” Ok, then. In that case….

It’s pretty hard to argue with the Collective. So, we have honored this calling and are doing our best to ensure that their messages get out to as many folks as possible, which brings us to yesterday’s event.

We had never conducted a channeling session outside of our home and never for more than two people at a time. On three occasions, we had allowed two guests to sit in on a session to witness this amazing process and ask their own personal questions of the Collective. Believe me when I say that when you are in the presence of this energy, you feel such an overwhelming sense of Love, Compassion, and Protection that you want everyone to experience it!

With that in mind, we gathered a handful of our friends and asked them to sit in on a “practice” session before presenting this to the public. We wanted to test out the venue, the larger crowd, the sound, the lighting, etc. Our team, the Collective, had assured us that they would be there and all would be well. And, of course, they were and it was!

Everyone in the audience received phenomenal, often personal messages during the session. As always, the predominant theme was one of Love over Fear. Never Fear! Love is ALWAYS the answer and the best way to proceed.

This morning, as I lay awake in bed at 5:45am (on this morning after the time change), I found myself reflecting on what took place yesterday. And, naturally, this idea of Love was at the forefront of my thoughts. So, I popped out of bed to write…

As we debriefed after the session yesterday, an audience member asked us how often we conduct “personal” sessions for ourselves at home. Although the truth is that we go into session once every 2-3 weeks, my answer was that I would do this every single day if I could! Being in the presence of God…in the presence of this indescribable Loving energy is the BEST feeling in the world! To know how much love and support we have on the other side is beyond comprehension. I would like nothing more than to bask in this glorious feeling all day, every day!

Even if I/we/you don’t always feel it or can’t sense that it’s there, IT IS ALWAYS THERE! We did not come into this life alone. We have a huge support team who is with us always, ready to lift us up and to come to our aid – ready to help us though the challenges of life, ready to celebrate with us. Call on them! They want us to know that we are being guided.

As I lay in bed this morning, I remembered one of the messages we received yesterday.

Of course I knew this – I grew up in the church, and this is a foundational teaching of Christianity. However, until I truly internalized this concept, until I came face-to-face with this Love, this understanding, it was difficult to implement. Being a human is not an easy task.

Those who are close to me understand that I am not the same person that I was a few years ago….even a few months ago. The more I interact with the Collective – a group of Loving Beings that is available to us ALL – the easier it is to act from this place of love. I am filled with Joy more often than not. My moments of fear and anger have become fewer and less intense. I look forward to being God’s hands and feet.

Is it still a challenge some days? Of course! This is why I said that I would prefer to simply rest in the presence of the Collective. Who wouldn’t rather be surrounded by overwhelming love than go out into a world that can seem cold, chaotic, and unpredictable?

We came to Earth for the single purpose of being ourselves – being Love. That’s who we are! We ARE Divinely-inspired pieces of God! Interacting with the Collective reminded me of this Truth, and that is why I am no longer afraid to share this Truth with humanity.

Remember, peace begins within each one of us. Take time to connect with your spiritual team. Go inside and feel their presence. Surround yourself with like-minded folks. Immerse yourself in the Love that is waiting for you. And then, go out and BE that love.

I’d like to thank Carrie at Salt Oasis Summerville for the use of the space yesterday. If you haven’t visited the salt cave yet, DO IT!

Below is a clip from yesterday’s channeling session. We were discussing our natural human reaction to events taking place in our world today – events that are often disturbing. Bill is the channel, and I am the interviewer.

Written by : drallisonbrown

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  1. Rebecca Johnson November 5, 2018 at 4:22 am - Reply

    I’ve read some of what you’ve written in the past and had a difficult time resonating with what you wrote. I had stopped reading your posts.

    This morning my interest was peaked. I felt Love from your words. The difference is remarkable. So glad you’re out of the closet and sharing Love. Inspiring. Thanks! ????

    • drallisonbrown November 5, 2018 at 6:15 am - Reply

      Wow, thank you for taking the time to write! As we have been told by the Collective, all we are to do is provide a beacon, a light for others to find. Not everyone will be drawn to that (our) beacon; we all find what we resonate with. But, most importantly, each of us can share our own light and our own Truth to provide that beacon for someone else. I would love it if you stayed in touch! Kind regards!

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