What in the world could humans possibly have in common with an invasive plant that is taking over suburban yards? More than you’d realize at first glance. Let’s connect-the-dots…

Over the past three years, to the dismay of many homeowners, Doveweed (Murdannia nudiflora), has begun to spread voraciously, and if not caught early, can obliterate a residential lawn.

Now, I am not much of a gardener, but my co-worker, Donna, has ten green appendages (I’ve never seen her toes, but I’m pretty sure they’re green, too). So, as payback for the kale, okra, and other yummy gifts she brings me, I sit politely and listen to her homilies on conquering aphids without chemicals, convincing caterpillars to relocate, and creating tinctures from medicinal plants.

It was during one of those coffee conversations that I first heard about Doveweed. Donna’s intuition convinced her that this invasive weed that had recently (and alarmingly) shown up in a neighbor’s yard must have some purpose, some type of medicinal use, in spite of it’s bad reputation. As she began to investigate, her suspicions were confirmed. Doveweed can be used – in fact, has been used throughout history – as a salve for burns and other topical injuries.

But what really caught my attention was when she explained that Doveweed’s incredible strength and resilience is derived from a system of stems that root at “nodes.”

It piqued my interest because this system of stems and nodes sounded a lot like the (spider’s) web of connection – an analogy that is often used to describe the interconnectedness of humans. In fact, The Collective recently shared this analogy again to explain how we can more easily navigate the chaos we are seeing in our world.

The Collective stated that we – human beings – are the nodes within the web, and we are connected to each other by way of invisible strands of energy (similar to stems). Incredibly, we can even communicate to each other through these energy strands (actually, we already DO communicate this way, whether we realize it or not). And, when we strengthen the node, we also reinforce the stems – the energy strands that bind us – thus fortifying the entire planetary web of creation.

But, how do we strengthen the node…the Self? By stepping into our power, the power of the I AM presence. By understanding who we are at our core – a Divine Being – and then acting from this place of divinity.

But, what does all this have to do with Doveweed?

Well, by following the example of this simple but powerful weed, we too can become strong and resilient, obliterating fear, anger, hate, divisiveness, and discord.

The good news is that we don’t have to worry about “fixing” anyone else or trying to change their behavior. All we have to do is focus on our own light, shining it brightly, allowing it to become a beacon for others. BEing the change we wish to create in the world. EMBODYing love, peace, unity.

Oh, and by the way, what is the universal symbol of peace? You guessed it, the dove.