I love Mike Rowe! You know, the Dirty Jobs guy? And, not just because he’s hot….I love him because he has common sense, and he’s not afraid to use it. In today’s world, where common sense seems to take a back seat to political correctness, I admire the fact that he speaks his mind. One of his favorite topics, of course, is jobs…specifically, technical, non-4-year-degree jobs (many of which happen to be quite high-paying). Mike is an outspoken advocate for vocational education, which warms my heart, given my role as a school counselor. He boldly verbalizes what I have to tip-toe around during parent conferences – not everyone needs or wants a 4-year degree, AND THAT’S OK!

Sometimes, though, Mike writes about other current events, like he did the day after the most recent London attack. When I read his FB post, I realized that not only was it, again, quite sensible, it was the basis of a spiritual lesson I had read not long ago, in the most recent CWG book, Awaken the Species.

In his post, Mike takes issue with the new directive that British citizens are being encouraged to follow if faced with a terrorist situation – “Run, Hide, Tell.” He compares this to “Stop, Drop, and Roll,” which works, because it is counterintuitive (human nature urges us to flee when on fire). Running away from danger is not. Although it’s not necessarily bad counsel, Mike writes that he is grateful for the many folks who don’t heed that advice – they don’t run and hide. Thank God for the brave first responders who charge into a burning building or the Coast Guardsmen who rush into a violent storm. Thank God for the courageous civilians on Flight 93, who tried to overtake the hijackers and those on the train in France, who took down the armed attacker. As a society, we are eternally grateful for those who run into the line of fire instead of away from it, in order to save lives.

Interestingly, although Mike believes that running into danger is counterintuitive, God (speaking through Neale Donald Walsch in CWG) says that it’s really not. In fact, He says, because our true identity is Divinity – the expression of Pure Love – physical survival is not our basic instinct. Deep down, in the depths of our Soul, we know that survival isn’t an issue. We will always survive, whether in physical form or nonphysical form. There is no way that we can ever cease to exist.

On the contrary, according to CWG, our fundamental impulse is to express our Loving nature at any cost. That is why, when faced with the most urgent decision, when there is no time for “rational” thought, we almost always choose the instinctual response – we leap into the water to save a drowning child, we dash into traffic to rescue an injured animal – we risk our own lives to save another.

Sadly, though, not many of us operate from this internal guidance system during life’s ordinary moments. We get caught up in the day-to-day grind, giving in to the frustrations that seem to bombard us. I get it…no one said that coming to planet Earth was going to be easy! But, if we were to choose Love, choose to follow the impulse of our souls in each moment of our lives, we “would create Heaven on Earth overnight” (CWG, pg. 19).

As we awaken into our true nature and our Divine purpose, and as we free ourselves from the fear that can overtake us, I believe we will begin to create this Heaven on Earth. Spiritual teacher and best-selling author, Dr. Barbara De Angelis, writes that “Love is a choice you can make from moment to moment.” In past blog posts, I have written that how we think, feel, and act is not dependent on the behavior of others. Dr. De Angelis confirms that Love is no different. It doesn’t depend on the events of our lives – it comes from the inside out. She explains that we need to “learn how to choose it, to unblock our connection to it.” In other words, we ARE love…it is our very essence!

As you go through your week, try to remember Dr. De Angelis’s words and…choose Love!

Written by : drallisonbrown

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  1. Molly Stevens September 3, 2017 at 7:39 am - Reply

    I believe we are supposed to create a heaven on earth by spreading the message of love and helping our fellow creatures. I like Mike Rowe, too, and am happy there is someone speaking out for those who choose the trades. We need skilled labor and I am so sick of the message that everyone must get a college degree. It was right for me, but not right for everyone.

  2. Angela Noel September 3, 2017 at 10:15 am - Reply

    Mike Rowe does an excellent TED talk on success and passion. He made the point that the people he profiles take their passion with them, it’s not in the job they do, it’s within. If we have the passion, the love, and swallow it whole, we keep it with us no matter what the situation.
    So many leaders, including Nelson Mandela lived this. Mandela felt that the only one who could imprison him was himself. Taken together, passion is within, freedom is a state of mind, we have all we need.
    Of course, as you point out, that’s not at all easy to remember. But the best in us emerges in those moments when we cannot think, but must act. I don’t want to put myself in peril all the time to see the best of myself emerge. Instead, I trust it’s there and keep trying to clear away the dust and debris that gathers on my true nature, to clear the way for love to shine through. To me, it’s a conscious act of uncovering.
    Thank you for the reminder!

    • drallisonbrown September 3, 2017 at 10:42 am - Reply

      Thanks for sharing Mike’s message about passion. I’ve been reading a lot about the Holocaust since our trip to Europe this summer. Many of the survivors have recounted how it was the internal sense of purpose and value that kept them going. No matter the situation, it’s what we have inside that is the most important aspect. That’s what determines how well we cope, interact, grieve, love, and ultimately live!

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