Diversity (or, do you want fries with that?)

DIVERSITY - Why are we so afraid of this word? Why does this one little word cause so much anger and opposition? Why are we uncomfortable even discussing diversity? It will probably come as no surprise….human beings find comfort in sameness. We thrive on commonalities. In fact, where romantic relationships are concerned, studies have

Diversity (or, do you want fries with that?)2019-07-24T09:27:33-05:00

Ghosting (or, drop it like it’s hot!)

Benjamin Corey is a theological scholar and author, read by millions each year, who unabashedly speaks out about the types of topics I’ve been wrestling with for years, as a (no longer) conservative Christian. Corey’s beliefs fall, in his words, primarily within the tenets of the Anabaptist network. One of their core beliefs is

Ghosting (or, drop it like it’s hot!)2019-07-24T09:48:05-05:00

Why? (or, rebelliousness as a virtue)

One of my favorite questions is “Why?” Unfortunately, people don’t really like that question. Educators are not supposed to ask “why”…they are just supposed to DO. Bosses don’t like, “why,” either. Believe it or not, they find it confrontational. Husbands are frequently annoyed by “why.” Especially when there is no easy answer (sorry, Bill).

Why? (or, rebelliousness as a virtue)2019-07-24T09:48:16-05:00