The Origin Story ~ Rediscovering Our Galactic Ancestors

2023 American Writing Awards Finalist: Best Cover Design Non-Fiction

2023 American Writing Awards Finalist: Non-Fiction General

The true origin of humanity has been hidden. It is time, now, for that knowledge to be revealed. Through in-depth conversations with our galactic ancestors, author Allison Brown takes us on a deep dive into the most ambitious, multidimensional project ever attempted—the creation of the human race. In fascinating detail, the Twelve Source Clusters unravel the mysteries of our DNA, the galactic wars, disclosure, ascension, and more. Within these pages lies an extraordinary account of humanity’s lineage, the complex hybridization process that nearly derailed the mission, and the overwhelming love that holds the universe together. The Origin Story is a love story. The Origin Story is our story.

Once in a great while a book emerges so authentic in voice and messaging that we are compelled to rethink every religious belief or scientific theory we’ve ever contemplated about the origins of the human race. In The Origin Story, award-winning author Dr. Allison Brown, in partnership with her husband Will Brown, share provocative, inspirational messages about the seeding of humanity and its future from the 12 Collectives who represent our galactic ancestors, and validate that humanity has never been alone nor could it ever be separate from the One Infinite Creator. With this book, the couple’s skills as a channel for the Source Field elevate them among this generation’s most beloved and trusted psychics, healers, and channels — names such as Dolores Cannon, Neale Donald Walsch, Carla Rueckert, Jim McCarty, and Paul Selig.” —Tracy Crow, President and CEO at MilSpeak Foundation

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The Origin Story Companion Workbook

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Love Notes from the Animal Kingdom

2022 International Book Awards Winner: Animals/Pets Narrative Nonfiction

2022 International Book Awards Finalist: Animals/Pets General

2022 American Writing Awards Finalist: Animals/Pets General

16th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist: Animals/Pets

In Love Notes from the Animal Kingdom, author Allison Brown offers us an extraordinary glimpse into the innermost thoughts and feelings of a host of incredible animals, from dogs and cats, to horses, goats, honeybees, snakes, dolphins, elephants, and many more! Through her husband, Will, a psychic medium and trance channel, Allison has conversed with animals of all kinds, both large and small, revered and rebuked. You’ll be amazed how the voice of the animal kingdom comes alive as you read the excerpts and transcripts of these astonishing conversations, their words warming your heart like little love notes for your soul.

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The Journey Within

A Christian’s Guide to 14 Non-traditional Spiritual Practices

2022 American Writing Awards Winner: Spirituality

2022 American Writing Awards Winner: Best Cover Design Nonfiction

2022 International Book Awards Finalist: New Age Nonfiction

16th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist: New Age Nonfiction

The Journey Within serves as the quintessential reference guide for spiritual seekers—ideal for those ready to delve into14 fascinating spiritual topics they may have once considered taboo. Author Allison Brown shares her personally inspiring account of spiritual growth and reconciliation, encouraging others to dismantle fear-based roadblocks that inhibit an authentic search for Truth. Throughout The Journey Within, readers will discover invaluable tools for strengthening and personalizing their relationships to God.

Published by Cactus Moon Publications

Endorsements for The Journey Within

In an era where global religion is rapidly evolving, people of faith have been faced with two choices: either to plant their feet firmly in the ground of their own tradition or to turn their ear to the gentle breeze of the Spirit, allowing themselves to be moved with curiosity into new, unexplored terrains and territories. Those who harken to the untamable winds of the Spirit may be led into traditions, beliefs, and practices that seem foreign to them at first, but upon deeper examination, reveal unexpected glimpses of God’s majesty. Allison Brown’s book The Journey Within offers a constructive and informative guide into exploring the spiritual practices and disciplines of many of the world’s great spiritual traditions from a robustly Christian perspective. If you are looking to begin exploring new ways to manifest faith and connect with the Divine, The Journey Within is an essential starting point, and Allison Brown is an incredible guide. Her wit, wisdom, and insight will be a blessing to everyone brave enough to dive into this journey with her.

– Rev. Brandan J. Robertson, Author, Nomad: A Spirituality for Traveling Light and Lead Pastor of Missiongathering Christian Church, San Diego, CA 

In The Journey Within, Dr. Allison Brown presents her struggles with reconciling her Christian upbringing and beliefs with her inner knowingness about Truth and Love. Her presentation of the Bible and Christian ideas, and how they align with New Age practices and modalities will help seekers make sense of everything from Reiki to yoga and open up reflections that empower them to make their own determination about what makes sense on their spiritual journey.

-Debra Moffitt, Award-winning Author of Garden of Bliss and many others

Dr. Brown provides many simple yet profound energy healing techniques for tapping into self-love, to kick-start healing from the inside out.  A must read for anyone seeking to uncover innate wisdom and a life of love and connection.

Dr. Jamie Turndorf, author of the no. 1 bestselling Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased and founder of

Allison Brown has done a masterful job of gently and lovingly guiding Christians to learn about topics which have heretofore been off-limits due to unfounded fears and lack of accurate information.  This well-researched, easy to read book is an outstanding primer that takes the fear out of non-traditional spiritual practices.  The Journey Within holds the potential to encourage readers to conduct their own deeper investigation of those practices which pique their interest.  Bravo to Dr. Brown for having the courage to show her fellow Christians that rather than being off-limits, the practices she demystifies here hold great potential for their soul’s growth.

-Suzanne Giesemann, CDR, USN (Ret.), author of Messages of Hope, and many others

As souls continue to awaken in search of their own truth, they will seek guidance towards their spiritual path while still honoring their religious beliefs. When that happens, they will reach for this book.

-Rena Huisman, Psychic Medium, and Author of The Would-Be Medium: My Ten-Year Journey as a Workshop Junkie

We are living in an extraordinary time of Awakening. Many of our Christian brothers and sisters, and those whom have been profoundly influenced by Christian symbolism, culture and tradition, are looking for guidance to non-traditional spiritual practices. Dr. Allison Brown has, with the heart-felt book “The Journey Within,” provided readers with a pragmatic overview and clear definitions of the current landscape of these alternative offerings. In addition, by including her relevant and touching personal stories and experiences to the tableau, it invites the reader to view her journey and expanded perspective of God. An amazing book and welcome addition to anyone’s spiritual library.

-Candace Craw-Goldman, Founder – Beyond Quantum Healing

Here is a book that speaks to a thousand hungry minds! I wish I’d had this resource as I struggled to fit my dawning self-realization into the framework of my Catholic upbringing. Like fledging from the nest of a loving parent to find one’s own wings, so many are conflicted by a devotion and love for the Church, and the compelling need to seek a personal relationship with God. Allison Brown offers a handbook that understands this inner struggle and proposes several ways for the reader to defuse the conflict. Her sensitive approach helps us find balance and the confidence to pursue further study. Her words empower us to seek our individual Truths within the traditions we’ve held dear, and encourage us to explore outside of those traditions, always safe in the knowledge that in seeking God we can never go astray.

Priscilla Keresey, Psychic Medium and Author of The Live and Learn Guides and many others

The Ancestors Within

Reveal and Heal the Ancient Memories You Carry

Your ancestors have waited your whole life for this moment…

…the day you reveal and heal the ancient memories you carry.

The world of ancestral healing opens up possibilities for mind, body, soul, and spirit wellness you’ve never imagined. The Ancestors Within offers a collection of life-changing experts’ stories and practical tools in the field of ancestral healing so you can understand what’s possible and experience improved health, wealth, and happiness.

What if your ancestors held the keys to relief from negative, repetitive physical, mental, or emotional patterns? This book not only shows you the path, it will open your eyes to exactly how to access the knowledge, wisdom and ancient medicine waiting for you, even if you’re adopted. With tools that exceed DNA analysis, get ready to journey within to discover the answer to the questions you’ve been asking for a lifetime.

Published by Brave Healer Productions