Did you know that your mind cannot tell the difference between a real apple and an imaginary one? It’s true! Researchers demonstrated that regardless of whether you see an apple or imagine an apple, the same area of the brain in triggered. DID YOU HEAR THAT? Your brain reacts in the same way, whether you are looking at an object or just thinking about that object. Imagine the implications! If our brain does not know the difference between reality and imagination, we just might be able to IMAGINE our way to happiness 🙂

Athletes, entrepreneurs, and many other successful people regularly utilize visualization to achieve their dreams. They take a few moments each day to close their eyes and daydream…imagine themselves making the million-dollar deal, catching the winning pass, or standing confidently on stage. In fact, professional athletes often hire not only a physical coach but a psychological coach, as well, to help them employ the power of their minds. What’s great is that we can ALL use this technique – engaging our minds – to improve our lives!


Abraham-Hicks explains that today’s reality was created by yesterday’s thoughts. More importantly, what we are thinking about right now is actively creating our tomorrow. What we pay attention to will keep coming to us. If we focus on the negative, the Universe – in its infinite kindness and wisdom – will assume that’s what we desire (because, otherwise, why would we keep thinking about it?) and will bring more of that into our lives. If we focus on the positive, the same thing will occur! The Universe aims to please! Have you ever noticed that the minute you drive your shiny, red car off the lot, all you notice are all the other shiny, red cars on the road? What we pay attention to will be made manifest in our experience!

Here’s a funny example. One evening, my family and I were standing in line at Moe’s. All of a sudden, I looked back, and the line snaked out the door!

“Geez!” I said, “Look at that line! We got here just in time!”

Well, the next week, it happened again!

“Wow! Look’s like we got here just in time!” I exclaimed again. My son, Evan, ever the cynic, glanced at me and rolled his eyes. For some reason, my happiness about this silly “coincidence” was too ‘over the top’ for him. The interesting thing is, since then, we ALWAYS get there (anywhere) just in time! And, I never grow tired of making sure my son hears me say it. In fact, I don’t even have to say it anymore. I just give him a sideways glance and a knowing smile 🙂

Seth, in Seth Speaks, says it this way: “Your beliefs form reality. [They] meet you in the face when you look in the mirror. They form your image. You cannot escape your beliefs!” The good news is, “…you are not at the mercy of the unexplainable! Change the beliefs and your life changes.” In other words, we are totally in control of our destiny and our happiness.

At random times throughout this week, although it sounds odd, stop for a moment, and think about your thoughts. Are you thinking of something that you want more of? If so, think away! If not, replace them! Thoughts are like houseguests. Just because they pop in, doesn’t mean they have to stay! If they don’t serve your highest good, get them the heck out of there.