I recently ran across an opinion piece in The Week, entitled The Ugly Truth of Canada’s Welfare State, by Shikha Dalmia. The very first paragraph struck me… She wrote, “The central project of the liberal welfare state is to build a society based on a high-minded ethic of altruism rather than narrow self-interest. The whole point is to create a new kind of person whose humane commitments are driven by a more cosmopolitan sensibility beyond his parochial attachments to self, family, and clan,” (italics mine).

The content of the article itself, though a great read, is not what I want to address. Rather, I found it curious that the author believes (or, at least, suggests) that socialism itself – via a liberal welfare state – would “create a new kind of person,” one who is altruistic, humane, and loves-thy-neighbor-as-thyself. On the contrary, in my view, it would take many people, already in possession of those character traits to make a socialist type of society successful. And that begs the question: given human nature, could we ever create – and sustain – this type of environment? A non-competitive society in which shared labor and resources result in equality and dignity for all?

The author hints, in this article, that the odds are not good. Apparently, Canadians, as well as citizens from other nations that operate from a primarily socialist framework, are beginning to show their true colors amidst the current refugee crisis and immigration debate. For example, although Canadians are generous amongst themselves, they are not too keen on inviting in “foreign moochers” (author’s words), who might drain the system. Dalmia beautifully describes the core issue in trying to create a utopian community – that damned human nature! What starts out to be a loving, shared community is inevitably sabotaged by a few greedy/lazy/scared/selfish people.

But don’t despair! Here is the good news: there is a growing belief in both the scientific and spiritual communities that our collective consciousness is rising – it is actually getting easier to be “nice!” Alberto Villodo, Ph.D., psychologist, medical anthropologist, and author, explains that our species is essentially coming to an end – humans beings are evolving from Homo Sapien to Homo Luminous, Beings with radiant energy fields. Barbara Hand Clow, a Cherokee elder and writer, calls the new species Homo Pacem, defined as a Being focused on Peace.

Either way, we are becoming more heart-centered, compassionate, and creative – the kinds of individuals that WILL eventually be able to live together in harmony and with a shared sense of purpose. Even the Bible predicts that, at some point in our future, human beings will live together in peace and joy.

Interestingly, scientists have reported that the earth’s magnetic field has been steadily and rapidly weakening. At present, it’s the weakest it has been in 20,000 years. Another change taking place is the rise of the Schumann Resonance, known as the Earth’s heartbeat. The Schumann Resonance has, for thousands of years, been recorded at 7.83 Hz. In recent years, however, it has been rising, and on January 31, 2017, for the first time in history, it reached 36+Hz. Many in the spiritual community believe that these changes are evidence of an impending spiritual and physical evolution – one that will awaken us into our Divine connection to the earth and to each other.

Dr. Joe Dispenza also suggests that humans are on the verge of a huge leap in evolution. It is possible, he explains, that the increase in our planet’s vibration is causing an increase in the vibration of its human inhabitants. Furthermore, increases in frequency are known to cause an increase in consciousness. We know, for example, that gamma brain waves (25-100Hz) represent an aroused mental state, one that is correlated not with the “survival or emergency mode,” but rather, with a rise in consciousness and awareness and a surge of love and compassion.

So, the earth’s vibration is rising, and it’s magnetic field is weakening….Dr. Dispenza sums it up beautifully: “Perhaps the earth is assisting us in lifting the veil, initiating us to a quickening in energy, and enabling us to see our true nature.” Maybe it really will get easier to be “nice!”