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EdD  — Author — BQH Practitioner — Reiki Master

Dr. Allison Brown is an educator, writer, and seeker. In 2014, her search for reconciliation between a newfound spirituality and her traditional Christian upbringing led her on an amazing journey of self-discovery. As a result, Allison’s passion is to share those lessons and insights with others who are on their own journey of awakening.

Holding a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Allison has worked with students from Kindergarten through college and beyond. She attained her National Board certification in 2013 and is currently employed as the Director of School Counseling for an alternative school, serving at-risk students with behavioral challenges.

Allison is a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Quantum Healing Practitioner, utilizing a spiritual hypnosis modality called Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH). Allison has been a two-time featured guest on award-winning author, Debra Moffitt’s, Unity Online radio program, Divinely Inspired Living and was published in the Fall, 2017 issue of the local quarterly magazine, Focus on Fabulous, the December, 2018 issue of Natural Awakenings magazine, and the February, 2019 edition of the online magazine, Heart and Humanity. She is also a syndicated contributor to the Good Men Project online magazine. Allison’s first book, The Journey Within: A Christian’s Guide to 14 Non-traditional Spiritual Practices, is being published by Cactus Moon and will be out in early 2021.

In what now seems like another lifetime, Allison served as a Military Police Officer in the US Army. Stemming from a desire to give back to her fellow veterans, she and her husband Will, a retired Coast Guardsman, founded Reiki for Vets (RFV), an organization that provides free Reiki clinics for VA-enrolled disabled vets. In their three years of operation, they have grown to serve veterans at VA clinics in six states. In addition, RFV provides scholarships to veterans and their spouses to obtain their Reiki Level 1 certification.

RFV was featured in the November, 2017 issue of Natural Awakenings magazine, as well as the March, 2018 edition of the BootsOff Podcast. Most recently, Allison and Will were featured on Sister Dr. Jenna’s America Meditating Radio program, a syndicated show with over one million archived listeners in 90 countries!

Allison and Will reside in Moncks Corner with their two children and a menagerie of pets, including three cats, a rooster, and a couple of fainting goats that provide a never-ending source of amusement!

What Clients Are Saying About Allison

“I took Reiki 1 & 2; the classes were very professional and well given. I have already been doing the self healing also on my wife and my 12 year old service dog with bad hips. I have seen good things. I am looking forward to Volunteering at the VA. Allison and William have changed my life and grounded me. IT REALLY WORKS!”


“Alison is a warm and giving person. I felt comfortable right from the start, as if I already knew her. Yesterday I had a Beyond Quantum Healing session with her. The information beforehand was clear and contained much information on what to expect. I did not have an experience in which my Higher Self came forward. I guess I am just one of those people who does not go under easily. Thank you again, Dr. Allison.”


“During my session with Dr. Brown I was able to finally release years of pain and grief from family estrangement and betrayal. The session was relaxing and such a gentle process unlike in traditional therapy when breaching the subject was always extremely painful. I’m forever grateful for the experience and the healing that occurred.”


“Thank you, Allison for the session. It was my first experience that guides and higher self communicated through my mouth. After the session, my body was vibrating so much and the effect lasted for a while. Even after my energy was settled, I felt permanent change inside of me. I feel like my higher self is within me instead of in the different/higher dimension, away from my physical self. Now I can feel the energy of my higher self within me when I tune in. Sometimes it makes me feel overwhelmed! I’m so grateful and peaceful that it makes me cry! I hope everyone will experience it!


Having had a couple of Reiki sessions with Allison and her husband and soul mate William Brown, I have nothing less than total admiration for their devotion and expertise.

They both work together like a fine oiled machine and a couple that have been together for several years. If you’ve never experienced a session, you don’t know what you’re missing. It will take you to a place of extreme peace and calm, nothing short of a good restful sleep. So if you ever have the opportunity to have a one or many Reiki sessions with this team of professionals, do yourself a favor, and go where you’ve never been before.


Allison was wonderful! It was so easy to relax and she took her time to really figure out what we needed to focus on. I would recommend her services to anyone! Thank you so much for such an enlightening experience!


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