Reiki Services

Dual-Practitioner Intuitive Reiki Session: 60 minutes, $85

Each treatment begins with a client consultation to discuss protocol, client expectations, and areas of concern. During the 30-minute Reiki session, one practitioner focuses on the upper body while the other works on the lower body, transferring concentrated Reiki energy to the client, through the practitioner’s hands. This method produces an extraordinarily relaxing experience, significantly reducing stress and engaging the client’s own healing capability. The Reiki session takes place on a Far-Infrared Amethyst mat,* which combines Far-infrared spectrum light/heat with the well-known healing properties of amethyst. The session concludes with a debrief, providing each client with intuitively-sourced information related to areas of concern and suggestions for continued improvement.

Dual-Practitioner Intuitive Counseling Session: 60 minutes, $85

(available by phone or in person)

Each client should come prepared to discuss a specific issue or area of concern that would benefit from intuitive guidance. Using their combined intuitive abilities, both practitioners will counsel with the client, by phone or in person, asking questions and providing information generated from a variety of sources, including the client’s ancestors, guardian angels, Spirit guides, or higher self. Clients will receive new insight related to the issue, as well as suggestions for next steps.

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 *The FDA has approved the mat as a medical device for the temporary relief of minor muscle pain, minor joint pain and stiffness, joint pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasm, minor sprains, minor strains, and minor muscular back pain, as well as the relaxation of muscles and the temporary increase of local circulation where applied.